Complete Guide to Silk Care

Silk, known for its skin-friendly and comfortable properties, has become a sought-after fabric for high-quality garments, especially during the summer season. Silk pajamas, camisoles, evening gowns, pillowcases, and headpieces are some examples. Regarded as the "queen of fibers," silk exudes a noble and elegant temperament. It contains 18 beneficial amino acids for the human body and features a lightweight and smooth texture. More and more people are falling in love with silk.

However, silk is prone to wrinkles and color bleeding, which often makes people hesitant to choose silk due to the perceived maintenance requirements. No one wants to spend their time ironing shirts or dresses every day. So, how can you properly care for your precious silk items? Here is the complete guide to silk care.

Washing and Care:

Since silk is delicate and not meant to be worn for extended periods, it is recommended to wash silk items every two days, or even daily, especially during sweaty summer days. Sweat can break down the protein in silk, causing it to turn yellow.

Silk can be cleaned using two methods: dry cleaning and water washing.

Dry Cleaning:
Dry cleaning involves using solvents to clean the fabric. The solvents effectively remove oil stains without causing deformation, color fading, or shrinkage. Most importantly, this method does not damage the fabric, keeping the silk clean and fresh.

Water Washing:
Due to the protein content in silk, it is crucial to avoid using alkaline detergents, as they can cause protein denaturation and result in fabric wrinkling. Instead, you can use your regular shampoo, shower gel, or purchase a specialized silk cleanser.

When washing silk, use cool water or water below 30 degrees Celsius. Mix the cleanser with water and let the garment soak for 5 minutes. Avoid prolonged soaking, as silk tends to have average color fastness.

Since silk is a protein-based fiber, gently knead the fabric during the washing process and avoid vigorous rubbing. Do not wring the garment forcefully when drying.

For drying, simply hang the silk item in a shaded area and let it air dry. If the item is semi-dry, bring it indoors and lightly iron it to smoothen any remaining wrinkles.

By following these methods, you can properly care for your precious silk garments, keeping them clean and fresh. Remember, silk care requires a gentle approach, avoiding the use of strong alkaline detergents and excessively hot water, as they can damage the fabric's texture and color.

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